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18/04/2019 · "I wish there was a magic test to tell [women] when exactly they should have kids," says Afton Vechery. Until there is, 29-year-old Vechery wants to democratize fertility data for women. Her San Francisco-based company, Modern Fertility, which. Carly Leahy and Afton Vechery are the co-founders of Modern Fertility, a company focused on making the science of fertility more human and helpful for women. Carly is COO, while Afton serves as CEO–and both women have a passion for creating products that make planning for pregnancy easier. 21/01/2018 · The Guardian - Back to home. Support The Guardian. Afton Vechery and Carly Leahy of Modern Fertility: ‘We are trying to give women the tools they need to take control of their future’. Age is the best indicator of fertility we have by a long stretch. A few years ago, Afton Vechery visited a clinic to estimate the number of eggs left in her ovaries. She wasn't infertile; she wasn't even trying to get pregnant. But Vechery knew she wanted to have kids eventually, and even though she was still in her 20s, she was curious about what her timeline might.

She set about to change this and has made waves for achieving a lot at a young age. Afton Vechery and Carly Leahy – Modern Fertility. Afton Vechery and Carly Leahy have proven that sometimes harnessing existing technology in a brand new way quickly becomes the impetus to inventing a breakthrough and important biotech device. 31/05/2018 · Modern Fertility co-founders and Forbes 30 Under 30 alumni Afton Vechery and Carly Leahy raised $1 million following its launch from Y Combinator's summer. Vechery received a $1,500 bill for a traditional. the conversation around fertility ends with women wishing they knew more about their reproductive health at an earlier age. 09/10/2018 · When Afton Vechery set out to understand her own fertility, it was a complicated, pricey process. Lab tests to predict fertility were hard to access and prohibitively expensive, and it was impossible to understand her results without consulting multiple physicians. “I knew there had to be a better way,” she says. Afton Vechery is the co-founder. From a young age, I have always had a creative mindset in the things I did. From drawings to legos to startups, everything I did came from a creative perspective. When the opportunity to join the Center of Entrepreneurship and take. Female Fertility in 2018: What Every Millennial Needs to Know Now Cortney Clift. Dec 18,. Afton Vechery,. if a woman gets pregnant naturally at age 40, her fetus faces a potentially higher risk of complications, including stillbirth or genetic abnormalities such as Down’s Syndrome.

This page provides a complete picture of Afton, allowing you to learn the truth about Afton & for Afton to look their best when friends, colleagues, employers, clients, possible dates, & others search for them online. MyLife Background pages like this appear in Google searches six times each second and can be seen by millions of people. 25/08/2017 · When Afton Vechery, co-founder of Modern Fertility-a just-launched company that's lowering the costs of fertility testing with $149 at-home tests-went to a.

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